Empower Small Businesses with UCaaS: A Guide for MSPs and ISPs

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Friday, December 8, 2023 at 1:00pm UTC

Reselling a Fully Managed White-Label Platform Benefits Your Clients and Your Brand

New York, United States - December 8, 2023 / SkySwitch /

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers help businesses of all sizes and across numerous industries reduce the cost of modern connectivity, streamline their workflows, and optimize productivity. For small business owners, having cost-effective solutions accessible from a single, user-friendly interface is transformative.

As the demand for cloud-hosted connectivity increases, managed service providers (MSPs) and internet service providers (ISPs) are partnering with established UCaaS platforms to bring the cost-effective communication solutions today's small businesses need to the communities they serve. Once you know how UCaaS resellers empower small businesses, you may also want to consider the advantages of leveraging a partnership of your own.

How Reselling UCaaS Impacts Small Business Owners in Your Service Area  

The cost of business communication keeps increasing. Most companies paying for legacy phone service are also subscribing to multiple platforms to support the communication and collaboration needs of their remote and hybrid workers. Many who were initially pleased with their "workaround" solutions are now painfully aware of the downside of running their business with disparate communication technologies.

MSPs and ISPs are changing the narrative by bringing a customizable stack of communication services into the equation and helping their clients choose the best combination of solutions for their needs. They're empowering those clients by leveraging the benefits of their white-label UCaaS partnerships without dramatically increasing their workload.

Why Small Businesses Need UCaaS From MSPs and ISPs

Just a few short years ago, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) was a $25 billion industry. Today, the demand is so strong that market analysts anticipate a CAGR of around 20% through 2030. For MSPs, ISPs, and other telecom-adjacent companies with a customer base, those numbers suggest there could be no better time to add a white-label UCaaS partnership to their business portfolios.

Of course, a quick internet search will lead you to multiple companies offering various white-label reseller opportunities—most offer a limited number of telecom services. Partnering with the right UCaaS provider ensures you'll have a complete range of customizable solutions your clients won't outgrow as their business prospers. The following observations are a great way to learn how MSPs and ISPs are empowering small businesses by reselling UCaaS. 

Leveraging Their Understanding of Their Clients' Business Needs

MSPs and ISPs reselling UCaaS start with the advantage of having established relationships with clients. They know many of their business pain points. Although some might initially consider that knowledge a reseller advantage, positive relationships also build loyalty and trust. UCaaS is not a one-size-fits-all service. MSPs and ISPs empower small businesses by aligning their recommendations with their clients' current needs while touching on features they may want to consider as their company grows.

Promoting the Benefits of Having a Single Point of Contact

With UCaaS, incoming and outbound calls are converted to digital packets transmitted over the internet through session initiated protocol (SIP) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology. A single SIP session can contain any combination of media. With their voice, video, and data migrated to a single platform, small business owners have a single point of contact for all their communication needs and one invoice for their communication services.

Delivering Advanced, Affordable Enterprise Features

Old-school business phones have a limited number of features. Most can hold, mute, and transfer calls, but that's about it. With UCaaS, small businesses have access to advanced enterprise features that could positively impact their brand image. Consider toll-free numbers, auto attendants, and call center support, for example. There's no need to invest in infrastructure since most businesses can continue using their current phones. Companies without a business phone can access the same advanced features from their PCs, tablets, laptops, or cell phones.

Providing Productivity-Enhancing Integrations

Most business owners rely on multiple software applications to enhance productivity. By partnering with a UCaaS provider using standard-based APIs, it's easy for MSPs and ISPs to integrate familiar third-party applications into a subscriber's interface. It's a feature that gives their clients' UCaaS-connected workforce the ability to work with familiar customer relations management (CRM) tools, data analytics software, and workflow solutions from nearly any internet-capable device.

Choosing UCaaS Partners with Exceptional Security and Dependable Service

MSPs and ISPs know their clients. They understand that some business owners in their communities may initially be hesitant to disconnect from their legacy service. Others may have concerns about network stability. Despite such hurdles, they're empowering those small business owners by prioritizing system security and dependability. This is accomplished by choosing white-label platform providers with the latest encryption technology on a georedundant network and technology that detects connection failures in milliseconds.

Giving Business Owners More Control Over Their Communication Costs

Some small business owners are more comfortable starting with a limited number of UCaaS services. Others go all in. They want an office-wide migration complete with AI integration, toll-free numbers, and call center support. Either way, UCaaS resellers empower those businesses by providing flexible services that end users can adjust effortlessly from their accounts. It's a perk of cloud-hosted communication that gives small business owners more control over their costs.  

Are You Ready to Empower Your Clients with the Transformative Nature of UCaaS?

For MSPs, ISPs, and their UCaaS platform providers, white-label reselling is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Resellers leverage their business reputation, brand image, and customer base. Their UCaaS partner handles the technical side. To provide the level of service that empowers small businesses, it's important to partner with a company that understands what resellers need to prepare for the launch of their UCaaS platform—a high level of training and ongoing support.

Becoming a SkySwitch reseller is easy and profitable. With SkySwitch University and the support of your onboarding specialist, you can learn and deploy our system in as little as 30 days. Get started and find out more about adding our white-label platform to your business portfolio.

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